Pas Terne

Pas Terne is the first creation from La Divague.

A bifrontal form for a corridor full of the sweetest storm. 

Through acrobatics and silence, they invite the audience to join their special universe. An intimate hug between the audience, and they. This duo is evolving together in their garden full of concrete steps. 

All ages

From the youngest to the oldest, they want to find out how to interest a different audience.

IN and OUT

A bifrontal stage 3×10

Designed for indoor (theatre, tent, cabaret)
Designed for outdoor (street corner, festival, garden)

30 min

30 minutes of sharing


They pay attention to the body lines, especially to the way the bodies can interlock. How to start a movement and transform it is a real challenge in their work. They take a simple movement and make it complex by changing the rhythm, direction, height.

©Patrik Bogårdh

They have also created an adapted form of 7 min for different venues.

Do you use your arms when you hug someone ?